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The perfect choice for challenging loads

Low loader services

Our background is in low loader services, especially heavy haulage. All our drivers and operators are highly experienced and fully trained to ensure they understand the equipment they operate and have the necessary experience to handle and move the heaviest, most challenging loads in any conditions.

We have a specialist fleet of trailers including some of the lowest wafer deck trailers in the UK.

Low loader on the road viewed from behind

From A to B

From shepherds huts to moving heavy industrial plant, we guarantee to offer a service you can trust.

Our specialist fleet of trailers includes a wafer deck trailer with a super low running height of 300mm. The bed when closed at 7.65 metres is capable of carrying 20 tonnes. It is fully extendable to up to 12 metres, with full remote control power-assisted steering, ideal for manoeuvring in tight situations. The combination of all of the above makes this the ideal trailer for tall loads moving in excess of 4.5 metres high with ease!

Above all, we understand the importance of planning, preparation and safety and we believe these are the foundations to achieving a safe, on-time and successful transport.

What sets us apart is our extensive knowledge of many types of plant and machinery. We guarantee to know the best way to load your equipment, chain and secure it. Our certification and experience in operating many different types of plant means that you do not always have to have a trained member of staff on hand to load
freeing up your people and saving you money.

Planning and preparation is the key to a job well done. We understand the importance of this and take the hassle out of the situation for you. We can arrange site surveys, route planning, permits, all necessary notifications, road closures and escort vehicles. Whatever the load, we have the knowledge skill and experience to deliver an effective heavy transport solution.

Our service is available on a national and international basis. Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote.